Situated in the Banhoek valley, nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, or where Heaven and Earth meet, Molenvliet must be one of the hidden gems of the Winelands.

This must be one of the perfect all-in-one-wedding venues. I often advise couples to try and get ready on-site or as close as possible to the ceremony and reception locations. Molenvliet ticks all these boxes. Apart from the amazing ‘Residence’, there is also the cottages and the ‘River Manor’ – in all sleeping around 20 guests. Both bride and groom and their entourage can comfortably get ready here in style. There are two outdoor ceremony spots and a cellar converted into a chapel for wet weather. And then off-course the main reception area – a blank canvas that can be transformed to fit any theme.

The wedding was romantic, festive and unforgettable as the couple and their guests, all who flew down from Gauteng for the occasion, celebrated long into the night. The couple looked like they’d walked off a wedding brochure. The groom sporting shorts and some veldskoene imported from Pretoria; the bride in probably the most beautiful wedding dress you could ever wish to see, said their vows under the autumn coloured Oak trees as the mountains majestically looked on. I had a great time photographing and celebrating with this gorgeous, and hospitable couple. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to share this fabulous day in your lives with you. I hope you enjoy a few from their day.

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